Weifeng Zhong

Research Publications


  1. "Policy Change Index: A Simulated Example," Quantitative Notes, December 2018. Joint with Julian T. Chan.
  2. "Political Institutions and the Governmental Burden on Businesses," Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, published online first May 2018. Joint with Ruiqing Zhong. (working paper version)
  3. "The Candidates in Their Own Words: A Textual Analysis of 2016 Presidential Primary Debates," AEI Economic Perspectives, April 2016. (Media: Real Clear Politics)
  4. "To What Extent Defining a Group Predicates on Defining Other Groups?" Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, March 2011. Joint with Y. Stephen Chiu.


Working Papers


  1. "Reading China: Predicting Policy Change with Machine Learning," AEI Economics Working Paper No. 2018-11. Joint with Julian T. Chan. Under review. (website; source code; selected media: Yahoo FinanceBBCSouth China Morning Post, Asia Times, Am730JoongAng IlboDataconomy.)

  2. "Sanctioning an Unruly Ally: Understanding Sino-North Korean Trade through the People’s Daily," AEI Economics Working Paper No. 2017-22. Under review. (Media: The National Interest)
  3. "On the Observational Implications of Knightian Uncertainty," AEI Economics Working Paper No. 2016-17. Joint with Kevin A. Hassett. Under review.
  4. "Governmental System and Economic Volatility in Democracies," AEI Economics Working Paper No. 2018-06. Joint with Chen Cheng and Christopher Li. Under review.
  5. "A Theory of the Material Foundation of Psychology: With an Application to the Non-Salience of Economic Classes." Joint with Y. Stephen Chiu.


Work in Progress


  1. "Policy Change Index of Cuba." Joint with Julian T. Chan and Erin Melly.
  2. "Policy Change Index of East Germany." Joint with Julian T. Chan and Erin Melly.
  3. "Opinionated News." Joint with Julian T. Chan and Sita N. Slavov.
  4. "The Politics of Tax Progressivity and Income Redistribution.." Joint with Sita N. Slavov.